We are a team of accomplished professionals that share the life goal of having a larger impact on our society’s main challenge: the worldwide climate crisis.
We therefore chose an ambitious project and we work intensely, because every day counts to transform our vision into reality.

Sergio Fedele

CEO & Sales

Andrea Francesconi


Graduate in International Business & Economics
Entrepreneur in Clean Energy Sector
E-Mobility Pioneer and Public Transportation Specialist

Graduate in Industrial Design
Professional Designer also for the Automotive Industry
Communication and Marketing Specialist

Claudio Rossi


Morena Falcone

Design prototype

Electric Engineer Tenure as Professor at University of Bologna
Partner in International Projects for E-mobility
Leader of Research Teams on Electric Mobility

Ph.D Engineering student at University of Bologna
Member of “Emilia 4”Solar Car Team
2018 Winner of US Solar Challenge

We are looking for new team members

We give priority to:

– Mechanical Engineer(s)
– Automation Engineer(s)
– Electric/Electronic Engineer(s)

These are the three main elements we consider before accepting a new member in our team:

– Grades, Degrees, Age, Gender, Appearance etc. do not matter, we test very hard what you can do to complement our team
– Entrepreneurial spirit and compatibility to our company culture
– Leadership (Check this video and this article of Seth Godin to understand what we mean with Leadership)